The Era of Female Superheroes

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When Captain Marvel appeared on the big screen, the collective gasp of a million little girls reverberated around the world. Finally, a female superhero worthy of the gender! Captain Marvel, like Wonder Woman before her, is a female superhero with incredible power and a strong personality that made an incredible debut on the big screens in 2019.


Captain Marvel changed the game by being a lead role superhero with a sense of humour and an innate sense of her own immensity; and more importantly, she is a female superhero, not just a sexy sidekick. However, Captain Marvel was by no means the first female superhero, nor was she the first to be deemed worthy of her own stand-alone movie, but she was the first to generate such an extreme reaction. Movie goers went wild for her, and you can bet that there will be thousands of mini Marvels walking around at Halloween.

Other ladies are leaving the sidekick roles

Black Widow is a fictional character you most certainly recognize from the Avengers movies. But after years of being a sidekick it is finally Widow’s turn to take the spotlight, as her hotly anticipated stand-alone movie has only been made possible thanks to the reception that both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman received.

Ten years ago, a female superhero movie was simply unheard of – we saw them on screen but only as part of a team. However, it’s thanks to these team players that we’re now seeing more and more kick-ass woman saving the planet. Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Black Widow has won legions of fans. People love the complexity of the character; the woman with a dark past that embraces her sexuality and does nothing to hide her intelligence and wit – a woman taking charge with style. Audiences all over the world are revelling in the fact that there are women like this on screen in all their twisted glory. Not perfect, and not meek.

Enter, Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn may not be the obvious superhero, in fact; Harley Quinn is the antihero, but audiences are chomping at the bit to see this complex and damaged character take on the world again in Birds of Prey – right alongside the actual Birds of Prey from DC comic books; a whole flock of female superheroes! Harley Quinn may be a little manic, but young women look at her and see a reflection of some part of themselves, the part that just doesn’t have time for the bull**** anymore.

Female heroes are taking on online casinos

These superheroes are proving that it doesn’t necessarily take a man to light up the screen and bring the audiences in. In fact, we’re seeing these heroes in a whole host of different mediums – kasino på nätet, for example, was one of the first industries get in on the action. Software companies have been making slot games based on superheroes for a long time. Wonder Woman has her own dedicated slot game and she is also featured in the Justice League Slot. Black Widow appears in quite a few slot game story lines and it’s only a matter of time before Captain Marvel is on the reels. Harley Quinn takes pride of place in the Suicide Squad slot game, but there’s sure to be a Birds Of Prey offering in the pipeline. Female superheroes are taking over the world.




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